Is Having Straight Teeth Important?

Do you think having straight teeth is important? According to a study done in 2016, eight out of ten American adults believe that there is some value in having straight teeth. The study also showed that 80 percent of patients who had orthodontic treatment felt that straightening their teeth had a significant impact on their lives. Based on the research, the primary motivation for correcting crooked teeth and bite problems is to boost one’s self-esteem and enhance an overall appearance.

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Tightening Your Braces – What to Expect

Are you going to your first orthodontic appointment after getting your braces? Don’t know what to expect after the placement of braces on your teeth? Maybe you are anxious about having your braces tightened. The unknown can be a bit scary but here at York Mills Orthodontics, we make sure that our patients are aware of what will happen after having their braces put on.

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How Metal Braces Are Removed

How Metal Braces are Removed

It’s that much anticipated time…time to remove your braces! Here at York Mills Orthodontics, we know how excited our patients get, in anticipation of getting their braces off. Many, may be anxious about how it may feel to remove their braces. So we thought you would love to learn how braces are removed.

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