The purpose of the initial consultation appointment is to allow us to meet each other so that we may discuss your needs. We realize that the treatment that we may recommend is of little value unless it addresses your concerns.

It is only once we have clearly understood these concerns that Dr. Morrow will perform a clinical examination and report his findings back to you. At this time, a treatment plan will likely be recommended if it is felt that treatment is warranted. Dr. Morrow will answer any and all questions that you may have about any identified problems and the proposed tentative treatment plan. We will address treatment timing, types of orthodontic devices to be used, treatment alternatives and fees. We feel that our patients must be fully educated about their situation and our proposed treatment. It is only then that they can be capable of making an informed decision about how they wish to proceed.

Diagnostic Records

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, further diagnostic information is required. In general, it is not possible for Dr. Morrow to finalize treatment details after the initial visit. The examination that will be performed at the initial visit does not provide sufficient information for the adequate planning of orthodontic treatment. A series of records must be gathered as well. These diagnostic records are all taken in our office and include facial and oral photographs, study models of the teeth (molds), and radiographs (X-rays) of the teeth and jaws. It is only after a thorough analysis of these records has been performed that Dr. Morrow can establish a final individualized treatment plan.