"Thank you so much for the orthodontic treatment over the last three years. It has been a long journey, but the result is truly unbelievable"

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Dr. Morrow and the entire YMO team,

It is difficult to find a gift of thanks when you all have worked together for about four years to give us two new smiles (and improved functional sets of teeth). All we can offer is to send you two more sets to work your magic! Many Thanks!

– Jaclyn and Cecilia L.

Thank you Dr. Morrow for giving me such a great smile! I owe it all to you and your amazing team.

– Maria and Family

To Dr. Morrow & the Team at YMO:

It is a pleasure dealing with all of you and we have been amazed just watching you work your magic on Claire and Madeleine’s smiles.

– René and Monica

Dear Dr Morrow and friends,

Thank you for taking such good care of us!  The outcome is amazing! We love our new smiles!

– Maddy and Claire

Thank you for the amazing care given to Carolyne the last few years. She is the happiest soon to be 13 yo girl on the planet. What a great birthday gift you gave her yesterday!!! She has not stopped smiling since.

We are so grateful to have you all in our family’s life.

– Marie-France and John 
– For Carolyne and Jeremy

Dear David,

We wanted to thank you for all your support and personal attention over the past few years. Your care for our four children and their healthy teeth has been wonderful. Everywhere they go, people comment on their amazing smile. They are walking ads for your quality work and we continue to tell people your address.

– Harvey, Maggie, Shiffy, Adina, Zach, Effie

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff for my orthodontic evaluation. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet with you for this consultation. You provide a very professional, comfortable and efficient examination of my teeth. Your information was clear and you answered my questions thoroughly, regarding various orthodontic procedures. Your office was friendly, inviting and aesthetically pleasing. I was amazed by your “state-of-the-art” technology.

I want to thank both yourself, and especially Christal, for making my experience at York Mills Orthodontics a real pleasure.

Yours sincerely,

– Mary L.

When I look at the mirror, I am still amazed at the transformation to my teeth.  I never thought such improvement would be possible.  I am extremely happy with my teeth and I can now smile with confidence!  Thank you very much for care you have shown over the last few years.  It was a pleasure coming to meet you and your caring staff and I am delighted with what you have done.  You inspired me to pursue studying a subject area that I never realized I enjoyed until my first clinic.  Dental Hygiene became my very favourite career, and I am glad to have had you for my orthodontist or I may never have discovered that passion.

– Rosa M., Toronto

We are very pleased with the results of Allegra’s beautiful smile. We look forward to round two with Francesco. You are a wonderful Orthodontist..all your assistants are patient and kind with my children. Everyone has been quite helpful and understanding whenever we have come in for a broken bracket or some such issue. Alex at the front desk is wonderful as well. Her quiet and professional demeanour is soothing..when I had an issue with our insurance company regarding compensation for Allegra’s treatment she was very helpful. Thank you for everything!

– Caterina G., Toronto

Dr. Morrow is a very professional and caring orthodontist with a lot of experience. He didn’t extract any of my daughter’s teeth to facilitate his work where other orthodontists had suggested otherwise. He kept to the schedule and she now has a beautiful smile after less than 2 years of treatment. He isn’t rushing into starting work on my 9 year old son who clearly has lots of crowding. Thanks to our first preliminary visits (n/c) and Dr. Morrow’s thoroughness, the panographic x-ray taken identified a supernumerary tooth (additional front tooth in the bone near the roots of his incisors). If we didn’t deal with this as quickly as possible, my son could have lost one of his front teeth due to root damage from the supernumerary tooth growing. I highly recommend Dr. Morrow and his team.

– Helen A., Toronto

Our daughter recently had her braces off and a perfect, beautiful smile was the result. We are extremely impressed with and grateful to Dr. Morrow and the staff of York Mills Orthodontics for their professionalism, efficiency and unparalleled care of our daughter. Not only is Dr. Morrow a wonderfully skilled orthodontist who is genuinely concerned with the happiness and well-being of his patients, he is also kind, direct and down-to-earth in his communications with them. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Morrow to all of our family and friends!

– Susan H., Toronto

Thanks so much for treating me these past four years. I don’t know where my teeth would be without you! I had one of the most difficult cases, but you managed to fix it! Now every time I smile I think “Dr. Morrow is a miracle worker!” So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you’ve done for me. I’ll always remember everything you did for me and be forever greatful. All the best in the years to come.

– Lisa. D., Toronto

Thank you for your empathetic and considered care.  You and your staff balanced professionalism with sensitivity, giving me confidence I was not only in good hands but working with people who care.  I am truly greatful for all of the collaboration you did on my behalf to reach the best possible outcome.

– Lois B., Toronto

Thank you for your exceptional care of our whole family over the years.  Your professionalism continues to set the standard for all other offices to rise to.  We thank you and trust you and delightfully recommend you.

– Benjamin F. and family, Toronto

Thank you so much for your care, kindness and patience.  We really appreciate everything you have done in caring for Shakeel and supporting us.  The work you have done on Shakeel’s teeth so far is amazing!! He smiles more often now!  Thank you so much.

– Shakeel J. and family, Toronto

Mark and I want you to know how much your kindness and generosity has meant to us.  Thank you for being so wonderful with Riley – as I mentioned to you at our last appointment you and your staff have raised the bar! Thank you for replacing Riley’s retainer, that was so, so nice of you!

– Riley, Kerry & Mark, Toronto

Adam and I want to thank you for my son’s first experience with you and your office.  The follow up phone call you left was a great morale booster for him.  Your interest has truly been a fantastic support.

– Marla B., Toronto

I would like to thank you for the clear and professional manner in which you conducted the recent consultation with respect to my daughter and I would like to say that I felt totally comfortable and confident with you, your knowledge and ability.  I look forward to your continued monitoring of the development of my children’s teeth.  As a lay person and a concerned parent, I am particularly grateful for the clear, careful and down to earth manner in which you spoke to me. Thank you for your kindness and care.

– Michael C., Toronto

Thanks for the smiles! I have to tell you when I look at the girls’ smiles in pictures you really did a GREAT job. They look fabulous! Not sure why patients go elsewhere – too bad for them!

– Sam M., Toronto

Thank you for your kindness and support throughout my treatment.  I appreciated the clear and professional manner in which you conducted with me and I would like to say that I felt totally comfortable and confident with you and your abilities.

– Rezvan M., Toronto

Dear Dr. Morrow,

Thank you so much for your generous donation towards our PS Spring Fling. You continued support is greatly appreciated!


– Helen G.

Dear Dr. Morrow and the entire team at YMO, Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jesse and giving him such a beautiful smile. We are so grateful to have you all in our family’s life.


– The Codron family