Busting Myths About Orthodontics (Part 1)

Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws. It especially pertains to problems with alignment and occlusion. Orthodontics is truly a specialized branch of dentistry. However there are many misconceptions about treatment and its appliances. At York Mills Orthodontics, we are happy to bust a few of these myths!

Myth #1: “Medical needs require a referral from your family doctor to see a specialist. Therefore you need a referral from your family dentist to see an orthodontist”.

This myth is definitely incorrect. Although in many medical fields, it is traditional for a family doctor to refer a specialist – this is not true for orthodontists. Orthodontists or orthodontic treatment does not require a referral from a general or family dentist. At York Mills Orthodontics, our services are available to everyone! We encourage you to come in for a consultation to see if you are eligible for treatment.

Myth #2: “Orthodontic treatment, braces etc. are very expensive.”

This myth is also incorrect! At York Mills Orthodontics, we treat a variety of cases that vary in complexity. Each treatment will have a different financial investment depending on the complexity of the case. Before starting any treatment, we will review financial investment of the treatment and financial planning options. Rest assured, we want your treatment to be feasible for you and your family!

We hope this helped clarify some misconceptions about orthodontics! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will be tackling a few more of these myths for you! In the mean time, contact us at York Mills Orthodontics in North York to discuss the possibilities for your smile!

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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