Life During Orthodontic Treatment

Most orthodontic treatments last for a period of time, which is dependent on the individual case. As a result, orthodontic patients require some lifestyle changes to achieve the best results. At York Mills Orthodontics, we always make sure our patients understand these lifestyle changes before they undergo the treatment so that they can achieve the best results. Here’s a brief introduction to how orthodontic treatments can impact your life:

  1. How Often Do You Need To Visit The Orthodontist?

You need to visit the orthodontist regularly for adjustments and to monitor treatment progress.  Regular adjustment appointments are typically every 8 weeks.


  1. How Long Does The Treatment Last?

The duration of orthodontic treatment will depend on the nature of the specific case. The duration of treatment also depends on your habits and lifestyle as some habits can delay the treatment. To get the best treatment results in the most efficient time frame, it is best to follow the treatment follow up recommendations from your orthodontist and make sure your dental hygiene habits remain on track.


  1. Can You Remove Braces In The Middle Of Treatment?

Most braces are visible and will have an impact on your smile. Many patients are tempted to get them removed for special occasions like weddings or important events. However, removing braces can impact the duration of your treatment. It is best to discuss this with your orthodontist.


If you have any questions about orthodontic treatments, reach out to us at York Mills Orthodontics in North York. You can contact us for inquiries or to book an appointment.

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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