LightForce™ Braces

We have decided to “up” our braces game at York Mills Ortho by offering LightForce™ Braces – the most technologically advanced braces in the world. In fact, we are one of the first offices in Canada to be able to offer these custom braces.

What Are LightForce™ Braces?

LightForce™ Braces are the world’s first 3D printed braces. After your teeth are initially captured by our intraoral scanner at your consultation appointment, Dr. Morrow positions them on a computer for optimal function and esthetics. Once this is done, LightForce™ Braces are designed for every single tooth with a custom prescription made unique for each patient’s condition. They are then 3D printed on machines designed to make parts for jet engines and space travel. Utilizing this technology makes LightForce™ Braces the most advanced braces in the world!

LightForce™ Braces vs Traditional Braces

Traditional metal, clear, and even self-ligating braces are all stock and prefabricated. This means that the braces we use on your teeth are the same exact shape, size, and configuration as every other patient. It is a “one size fits all” approach and therefore, orthodontists spend countless extra months and appointments moving around braces and bending wires to try and get the teeth in the right position after the fact. “Customization” (for lack of a better word) is done after the fact and is completely freehand. Traditional braces do not take into consideration the unique shape of your individual teeth. It’s kind of like buying a suit off the rack and having to go to a tailor to adjust it for your body.

There is nothing wrong with this traditional approach – this is how orthodontists have been practicing for decades. However, LightForce™ Braces offer a modern solution to make the braces experience better!

The LightForce™ Bracket style – The Choice is Yours

Two esthetically pleasing options to ensure your
personal style matches your smile in the making.

The Cloud Bracket – a pop of solid white colour

The Light Bracket – a translucent clear that’s barely there

Which one would you choose?

Benefits of LightForce™ Braces


Save time with shorter treatment durations.


Fewer appointments are perfect for busy schedules.


Enjoy healthier treatment outcomes.

Braces FAQ

Here are some common questions we get asked
about LightForce™ braces.

The process of getting LightForce™ Braces is really easy:

  1. An intra-oral scan of your mouth is done using our iTero scanner at your initial consultation appointment.
  2. Dr. Walt creates a digital treatment plan that is fully customized to your needs with every tooth movement preprogrammed from the outset.
  3. The braces are then manufactured utilizing 3D printing for each tooth’s unique shape and intended movement.
  4. LightForce™ also provides 3D printed trays, custom to your teeth that is used to place the 3D printed braces in the exact position to make the treatment as efficient and effective as possible.

LightForce™ Braces are made from a white, 3D printed ceramic. A lot of patients love the white brackets because they can be dressed down or up. For those seeking a more esthetic option, clear ligature bands can be placed around the brackets. For those wanting to accessorize with colours, the contrast of white and a coloured elastic ligature really make the elastics “pop.”