Understanding Normal Jaw Functions

When you visit the dentist, you could be diagnosed with one of many different malocclusions. Your dentist may suggest that you consult an orthodontist. As an orthodontic office in North York, we treat several patients every day who are aware of their imperfect teeth, but they may be afraid of the cost of orthodontics and, perhaps, the potential discomfort that treatment may cause at times during the process. In this post, we want to explain what different types of malocclusions have to do with normal jaw functions:

What is a Malocclusion?

In a perfect world, your teeth will fit together in a seamless fashion with a normal overbite. The teeth are not crowded, and there is no presence of an excessive overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite. With a malocclusion, the teeth are misaligned. The teeth cannot do their jobs correctly, and the patient may later develop issues, including tooth wear, jaw pain, tooth decay, gum disease or and digestive concerns. Our team at York Mills Orthodontics will provide you with the necessary treatment options to help you correct your malocclusion to allow you to achieve a healthy smile.

Is Your Mouth Ideal?

We need to differentiate here between the ideal mouth and your mouth. In the best case, the teeth join together easily. There is no crowding, and every tooth has enough space. The teeth should also not be turned or twisted. When you close your mouth to bring your teeth together, the upper teeth should slightly protrude over the lower teeth so that the molars fit together. Any irregularities can make it difficult or even painful to bite or chew. Some people may also grind their teeth during the day or night, which can create jaw pain and headaches. At your initial consultation visit, dr morrow will conduct a comprehensive examination and assessment of your bite.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, consider giving yourself or your child an improved smile. Schedule a visit with York Mills Orthodontics. Following your initial assessment, Dr. Morrow and his team will help you understand your treatment needs and the options which are best for you. Orthodontics can help remedy many tooth and jaw alignment problems and todays treatment options are more comfortable than the braces of the past.

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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