Simple Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy the Orthodontist

Whether your child has an initial consultation approaching or they’re an old hat at visiting the orthodontist, your little one may show signs of anxiety when the time comes for their next orthodontic appointment. To help make each one of their checkups enjoyable for everyone, here are some simple tips you can do to show them that going to the orthodontist is not only a necessity but something to look forward to.

1. Let Them Know What to Expect: Prior to your child’s appointment, explain to them what they can expect to happen at their checkup. Be sure to focus on the positives, such as being able to pick out colourful rubber bands for their braces or getting out of school early.

2. Keep the Conversations Light: Avoid informing your child of anything negative that could occur during their appointment, such as discomfort. It will only add to their dread instead of alleviating it. Likewise, if you are nervous yourself, don’t let your child pick up on it. Try to make any discussions about the orthodontist as upbeat as possible.

3. Give Them Something to Look Forward to: Plan something fun for the two of you to do after your child’s appointment, such as going to a friend’s house or to get frozen yogurt. This will give you both something fun to think about.

4. Role Play: If your little one is on the younger side, role playing what will happen at the orthodontist with their favourite stuffed animal can be helpful.

5. Reward Good Behaviour: When your child is being proactive about caring for their braces, praise their efforts. Let them know how pleased their orthodontist will be at their next visit. Do the same if they’re calm and cooperative at their checkup.

6. Be Understanding: Undergoing orthodontic treatment can be challenging for anyone, but especially children. Try to be as supportive as possible when they are expressing discomfort or frustration throughout their experience. A parent’s encouragement can make a big difference in a child feeling calm and confident with braces.

To help your child have the smoothest experience possible while wearing braces, York Mills Orthodontics is here to help. Book an appointment with our friendly dental team or visit us at our office located in North York today!

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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