How Getting Braces as an Adult Could Benefit You

When people think about improving their teeth with braces, they often envision adolescents with silver appliances and colourful bands covering their pearly whites. Braces aren’t just for kids, though. More adults are seeking out orthodontic appliances to not only achieve a more beautiful smile but to improve the function, comfort, and well-being of their mouths. If you’re considering straightening your smile with orthodontic appliances, here’s what you need to know about how wearing braces as an adult could benefit you.

More Than Just a Pretty Smile

There’s no question that wearing braces is an effective way to straighten a patient’s teeth and make their smiles more attractive. More importantly, however, are the ways in which braces and clear aligners can improve one’s overall quality of life. Some of these include:

  • Relieve Pain: Jaw pain is a common side effect of having misaligned teeth. If left untreated, teeth that aren’t properly positioned can contribute to headaches and jaw disorders.
  • Fix Crowded Teeth: Crowded teeth make removing food and bacteria that gets trapped in the crevices of your teeth hard to remove. When not properly cleaned, this debris can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Improve Speech & Eating: Crooked teeth can make speaking clearly and eating comfortably a challenge. A straighter smile can instantly improve speech as well as making chewing and biting easier.
  • Stop Bone Erosion: Misaligned teeth can place unbalanced or excessive pressure on some parts of your mouth, including your teeth and jaws. This may contribute to loss of bone support for your teeth over time.

Once your orthodontic treatment comes to an end, you may be surprised by how much your jaw function improves. This can have a significantly positive impact on one’s quality life, including social and health benefits, such as speaking, eating with your improved smile. To learn more about your options and to see how orthodontics could benefit you, the friendly team at York Mills Orthodontics is here to help. Book your free consultation today or visit us at our office location in North York, Toronto.

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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