Daily Life Wearing Invisalign Clear Aligners

So you’ve seen a Toronto orthodontist, and you’re going to start wearing Invisalign clear aligners. The first questions that often pop up are: What is life going to be like? How long will I have to wear them each day? What can I eat? What is the treatment process? 

Our team at York Mills Orthodontics has put together this blog post to help answer all your questions about Invisalign clear aligners.

Enjoy Everyday Life

While braces are effective, many people get self-conscious about how their smile looks. This won’t be the case with Invisalign! These clear aligners are very discreet, which means you won’t have to be shy about showing off your teeth. Also, unlike braces, you can take the trays out to eat. This means that your food choices will not be limited, and you can still play all your favourite sports worry free.

Carefully Brush Them After Eating

You need to make sure that your aligners stay clean to avoid harmful bacteria. We advise to brush them, and rinse them off after every meal. If food particles remain on your aligners, you risk breaking down your tooth enamel, which could lead to other oral problems down the road.

Spend Less Time In The Orthodontist’s Chair

One of the main benefits of Invisalign is that you will spend less time in our office. Braces require routine adjustment approximately every eight weeks so that the wires can continue to guide the teeth into the proper position. With Invisalign, appointments are often less frequent while you change your aligner every 1-2 weeks. They are designed to gradually shift your teeth into place. 

You will find that your day-to-day life is pretty much the same while wearing your Invisalign clear aligners. You’ll just need to remember to wear them at all times (at least 22 hours a day), except when you eat or brush your teeth. Just make sure if you lose your aligner, to contact us right away!

Receive Invisalign Treatment in Toronto!

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