What Do COVID-19 Vaccines Mean For Toronto Orthodontic Offices?

With the recent rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, we want to talk about what this means for Toronto, and our orthodontic communities. Joining Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson is now the fourth manufacturer approved to help Canadians stay safe. As more vaccines start arriving, we want you to know where orthodontic clinics fall in line, as well as the health measures we have in place at York Mills Orthodontics to help keep you safe!

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Daily Life Wearing Invisalign Clear Aligners

So you’ve seen a Toronto orthodontist, and you’re going to start wearing Invisalign clear aligners. The first questions that often pop up are: What is life going to be like? How long will I have to wear them each day? What can I eat? What is the treatment process? 

Our team at York Mills Orthodontics has put together this blog post to help answer all your questions about Invisalign clear aligners.

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We Can Help Get Your Smile Ready For When Face Masks Come Off!

Vaccines are officially underway to help us mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Face masks will one day be a thing of the past, but in the meantime, it’s an opportunity to complete your orthodontic treatment discreetly. When we take our masks off for good, it will be time to flaunt your beautiful smile. With the right orthodontic treatment, we can help to make sure you are confident about showing it off!

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Have A Holly Jolly Holiday Season With Braces!

All of us at our Toronto orthodontic office are really excited for the holiday season! Although our holiday celebrations will be different this year, we can still enjoy spending holiday time with our immediate family, putting up colourful decorations, and eating decadent treats without any guilt. If you or one of your children have braces this year, don’t worry! There are still plenty of holiday foods you can enjoy without harming your smile. Our team has provided some tips below so that your family can have a holly, jolly Holiday season, while wearing braces!

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Halloween Fun With Braces!

Little ghouls and ghals everywhere are getting ready for the most spooktacular holiday of the year, Halloween! Whether you’re planning on tricking or treating your family this year, there are many festive things to enjoy! Just because someone in your family is undergoing orthodontic treatment, doesn’t mean they have to miss out on any of the fun!

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The Importance Of Retainers

So you’ve made it to the end of your braces or Invisalign journey, congratulations! Now it’s time to maintain your new smile with your customized retainer. The retention phase is a very important part of your orthodontic treatment, that is, if you want to maintain the beautiful smile you worked so hard to achieve!

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