Tightening Your Braces – What to Expect

Are you going to your first orthodontic appointment after getting your braces? Don’t know what to expect after the placement of braces on your teeth? Maybe you are anxious about having your braces tightened. The unknown can be a bit scary but here at York Mills Orthodontics, we make sure that our patients are aware of what will happen after having their braces put on.

After the initial braces placement, you will have to visit your orthodontist approximately every 6-8 weeks  to adjust or tighten your braces. At these appointments, your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and make the necessary adjustments to your braces, to achieve the desired treatment results. These adjustments may include changing or bending the wires and/or changing the position of the brackets on your teeth. In addition, elastics and springs may be utilized to help facilitate the desired tooth movements.

As your teeth move to a straighter position, the tension of the braces decreases and your orthodontist will continue to make necessary adjustments as you attend your scheduled appointments. With regular adjustments, your teeth will gradually and precisely shift into the desired position. As your teeth move, the bone around them will remodel so that the bone and teeth move together and the teeth continue to be supported by the bone and overlying gums.

Getting your braces tightened or adjusted can cause discomfort and soreness for a day or two. The discomfort can be relieved with non-prescription pain medication, if necessary. If the discomfort becomes severe, consult with your orthodontist.

To learn more about having your braces tightened, please contact or visit us at our orthodontic office, York Mills Orthodontics, in North York. Our orthodontic team will assist you to feel confident and at ease with your treatment.

-The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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