On The Go Tips for Orthodontic Care

When it comes to your orthodontic treatment, we will always advise diligent and routine oral care. It is essential to clean your teeth multiple times a day, especially with an orthodontic appliance in your mouth. We understand that you are busy and on the go with school, work and other activities. Sometimes it may not always be possible to freshen up the way you do at home. At York Mills Orthodontics, we have a few helpful tips to freshen up on the go!

Here are six must-haves to bring with you when you are on the go, as shared by the American Association of Orthodontists:

Water – if no toothbrush is available, be sure to thoroughly rinse with plain water. This will help to remove food particles or traces of a beverage that may be lingering.

A toothbrush – with or without toothpaste, brushing will help keep your teeth clean. We do recommend using toothpaste when possible.

An interproximal brush – an easy tool to carry along which can help get between the brackets and arch-wires of your braces.

Floss – you can also use pre-threaded floss or purchase floss that comes in single-use packets, which take up minimal space.

A mirror – a pocket mirror can be helpful to brush or spot-check your braces. Alternatively, you can use your cell-phones selfie-camera!

Toothpaste – travel sized tubes are easy to carry around!

A little extra effort can make a big difference! Pack these six essentials in a small carrying case that is easy to take along with you. This way you are ready to take care of your smile while you are on the go.

Contact us at York Mills Orthodontics, in North York for more tips and tricks for your orthodontic treatment.

-The York Mills Orthodontics Tea

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