5 Things You Should Know About Your Teeth!

Your teeth are a part of your everyday life. You use them to chew, talk, bite and smile. Unless your teeth are causing you trouble, you probably don’t give them too much thought. Your teeth are special and there are many facts people don’t know about them. At York Mills Orthodontics, we’d love expand your knowledge and share some facts about your teeth. You’ll be surprised what you can learn!

Did you know…

1. A tooth can erupt in your mouth already with a cavity?

2. A cavity is not self-healing. The body cannot heal a cavity on it’s own. The problem will only get worse unless you take care of it!

3. A tooth can grow into your mouth in any direction – upside down, sideways or backwards!

4. Baby teeth are considered “place holders” for permanent teeth. They help to guide your permanent teeth in place. It’s important to keep them in until they are ready to come out.

5. The “crown” is the most commonly viewed part of a tooth. This is really a quarter to a third of the full tooth and the rest is under your gums!

Your smile and your teeth are special! Each individual person will person will have a unique set. At York Mills Orthodontics in North York, you can trust us to personally treat each smile and create an individualized treatment plan. Contact us today for your personal smile consultation!

-The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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