How to Clean Your Orthodontic Retainers

Are you currently wearing retainers? It’s important to take good care of your retainers to ensure good oral hygiene and treatment. Here at York Mills Orthodontics, we ensure that our patients know how to take care of their retainers at home. Cleaning your retainers can prevent bacteria from accumulating in your mouth. If bacteria is left in your mouth, it can eventually result in plaque and tartar formation. As crucial as brushing your teeth every day is, cleaning retainers is also necessary to maintain good oral health too.


Signs that you need to clean your retainers

  • You can see a film of build-up on your retainer
  • The retainer has white spots
  • More than a week since you last cleaned it
  • The retainer tastes or smells bad
  • The retainer appears cloudy

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning your Retainer

  1. Rinse – Rinse retainers after removing from your mouth. Use warm or cool water for rinsing.
  2. Soak – Soak your retainers in a cleaning solution and let it stand for five minutes. You may also use a baking soda solution (water+baking soda) on your retainers. Apply it gently and let it sit for five minutes.
  3. Scrub – Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your retainers. Make sure to brush all the crevices to remove food residues. Brush your retainers every day.
  4. Repeat Rinsing – Thoroughly rinse your retainers with water after brushing.

If you have metal or acrylic type of retainers, you can use a non-abrasive toothpaste for cleaning your retainers. To learn more information on how to clean specific kind of retainers, don’t hesitate to contact our orthodontic team in Toronto, Ontario.

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team



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