Have Fun with Your Braces Colour!

Orthodontic treatment, including wearing metal braces can take some time. One of the most exciting parts of having metal braces is the fact that you can pick your preferred colour(s) for your braces. Coloured braces let you express yourself while your smile is progressing.

Metal braces affect your overall appearance, and luckily, you’re not settled with one shade of colour for your entire treatment. You can explore colours and change the colour periodically. Here at York Mills Orthodontics, we allow our patients to choose their braces colour. You can check our tips below to help you decide when picking the colours for your metal braces.

Pick darker hues: Everyone wants to have whiter teeth and when you have metal braces, the more you’ll want your teeth to appear whiter than ever. Therefore, pick darker hues to make your teeth look white in contrast. We recommend blue or purple hues.

List down the colours that you don’t want: Choosing colours for your braces will mostly depend on your preference so make sure you list down the colours you don’t want and tell your orthodontist about it. This way, he/she can show you different hues that will suit your liking.

Your skin tone and eye colour: When choosing colours for your braces, you can decide based on your eye colour and skin tone. Sometimes these factors affect the appearance of your coloured braces. Fair skin tone and lighter eye colour are compatible with bronze, blue-green and royal blue hues, while darker eye colour and skin tone complement with turquoise, violet, and dark blue hues.

Your coloured apparel affects your coloured braces: When you have a wide selection of clothes with different colours, you may want to pick a neutral colour for your braces. Blue and beige are the colours that can work well with your everyday clothes.

While choosing the colour of your braces may seem an exciting and essential task, maintaining your braces and oral cavity is just as important. If you want to learn more about changing the colour of your metal braces, consult with us at our orthodontic office in North York!

-The York Mills Orthodontics Team


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