Get Ready for a Rockin’ New Year With Corrected Teeth!

If you’re looking for a way to add some peppermint mocha flavour to your holiday season, then you can certainly stop in for a flavour shot at the local coffee shop. Your barista will gladly mix up your winter beverages, so you can get started on the many errands common in December. There are long lines to deal with everywhere! With so many holiday parties to attend and gifts to buy, it’s hard to find time for yourself or make time for the family’s healthcare needs. However, the winter break is a good time to reconnect with loved ones and make appointments for what your kids need. If you are not happy with your smile or your child’s teeth are crowded, crooked, or uneven, it could be time to visit Dr. Morrow at York Mills Orthodontics.

Get Expert Help With Your Smile

We are a dedicated team of oral health professionals who want every patient to look and feel their best. This starts with a corrected smile. Before you assume that braces or other treatments are too painful or expensive for yourself or your family members, please consider scheduling your consultation at our office. There are different types of orthodontic treatments that are affordable when consumers like you find the right payment program. Typically, we see patients with certain conditions that require orthodontic correction like these:

  • Extreme overbite. When you bite down, the top teeth will extend dramatically towards the front. In some cases, the lower teeth are hardly visible.
  • Underbite. When you bite down, the lower jaw and teeth extend more to the front. If you look closely, there is an illusion that your lower jaw is too long.
  • Protruded teeth. This problem looks noticeable because the upper teeth sit over the lower lip. People with this problem can have difficulty being understood and/or trouble eating certain foods. They have a greater risk of losing their teeth in accidents.
  • Crowded teeth. There is not enough space in the upper jaw or lower jaw for all teeth to maintain their positions. In some cases, patients’ teeth are too large, their jaws are too small, or they have both problems. When your teeth don’t seem to fit your mouth, it’s hard to clean them.

At York Mills Orthodontics, it’s important to get you and your family the top-quality oral care you deserve. We’re hoping that you stay warm this holiday season, enjoy your special treats, remember to floss and brush carefully each day, and have a wonderful New Year! Our friendly staff is ready to help you schedule your first appointment for corrective orthodontic work!

– The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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