7 Common Bite Problems

If you or your child feel self-conscious about having crooked, crowded, or overly-spaced out teeth, don’t fret. Believe it or not, bite problems are very common in both children and adults. With the proper care and treatment from Dr. David Morrow, here at York Mills Orthodontics, both your smile and confidence can improve in no time.

Common Bite Problems

There are 7 common bite problems that orthodontic professionals often see in their practice. These include:

  • Crossbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Protrusion

What is a Crossbite?

An anterior or posterior crossbite occurs when the upper teeth fit inside of or behind the lower teeth. Oftentimes, crossbites can be caused by a misalignment of either the jaw bone or the teeth. If this issue is not remedied, it is possible to have jaw problems, and/or increased wear of the teeth.

What is an Underbite?

An underbite occurs when the lower jaw juts out in front of the upper jaw, causing a ‘bulldog-like’ appearance. Possible consequences of an underbite may include increased wear of the teeth, and increased stress on the jaw joints.

What is an Open Bite?

An open bite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not meet causing an opening or space between them. Open bites can contribute or be related to swallowing and speech problems.

What is a Deep Bite?

This occurs when the upper front teeth cover the bottom teeth more than they should when the mouth is closed with the teeth touching each other. A deep overbite can contribute to increased dental crowding as well as increased wear of the teeth. This type of bite can alsonbe painful if the lower teeth bite into the roof of the mouth.

What is Crowding?

Crowding occurs when there is not enough space for the teeth due to a discrepancy in tooth size as compared to jaw size. Crowded teeth are especially difficult to clean, contributing to an increased risk of cavities and gum disease.

What is Spacing?

Spacing occurs when there is a tooth size/jaw size discrepancy such that there is excess space between the teeth. This can be caused by small teeth, missing teeth, or large jaws. Spacing can also be related to muscular forces from the tongue. Spacing can contribute to issues including smile esthetics, cavities, gum disease, and food impaction.

What is Protrusion?

Protrusion or bucked teeth is your classic, ‘Bugs Bunny’ look. This occurs when the front top teeth stick out too far. This can occur when the lower jaw is too far back, the upper jaw is too far forward, or the way in which the teeth grow into the mouth. Bucked teeth can cause many issues as well, such as difficulty closing the mouth, teeth breakage, speech problems, a dry mouth leading to eventual tooth decay and gum disease.

Fix Your Bite Problem In Toronto!

No matter the bite issue, you can rest assured that Dr. Morrow will review and develop a personalized treatment plan best suited to meet your needs. At York Mills Orthodontics in Toronto, our team will be here every step of the way to help you achieve your best smile. Contact us today, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment. We are always pleased to speak with you about our services such as braces, orthodontics for kids, Invisalign and more!

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