Orthodontic Emergency?

Orthodontic emergencies are usually a rare occurrence. However, if you find that one does occur, our team at York Mills Orthodontics is here to help! An emergency would involve a case where your appliance has become loose or if serious injury has occurred to your mouth or teeth. Any unusual pain (aside from the movement of teeth) may also be indication of a problem. Your orthodontist expert should be seen as soon as possible.

Most problems a patient can experience are usually minor. The patient’s family can help assist with a few fixes.

For example if a bracket of your braces or appliance becomes loose. This can be from playing with the appliances in your mouth or eating something hard/sticky. If the piece is still attached, the best thing is to leave it exactly where it is! If it is rubbing or irritating you, an orthodontic wax can help soothe the problem until your next visit.

A poking wire is another potential problem a patient may face. When your teeth are shifting, the connecting wire can poke at the back of your mouth. You can adjust the wire into a better position with a Q-tip. This may help the discomfort. Or you can also use orthodontic wax to help with any irritation.

Call our team during our office hours to have us take a look at any problems you may be experiencing. Our focus is on our patients and making sure they have the best knowledge and care for their orthodontic treatment!

If you have any questions or think you may have an emergency, call us at York Mills Orthodontics in Toronto!

– Dr. Morrow

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