Options for Braces + Orthodontic Treatment in Toronto

With the most recent technological advances in orthodontics today , patients have many treatment options to achieve their orthodontic goals. Although contemporary braces are still widely used, self-ligating braces have gained a lot of popularity as they offer many advantages.

Miniature Self-Ligating Braces: With our patients who require braces to achieve their orthodontic treatment goals, we use self-ligating braces. These braces are very small compared to the more conventional bracket systems and carry a lot of advantages with them.

Ease of Use: Due to the small size of the brackets, these braces are very gentle on the teeth reducing the prevalence of potential lip and cheek irritation. Instead of using elastic or rigid steel ties, these braces utilize tiny clips that hold the wire in its place.

Elegant: Self-litigating braces are less visible compared to their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, a ceramic version of these braces is also available, which looks even more elegant.

Hygienic: Since self-ligating braces do not require any elastic ties, there tends to be less plaque build-up and it is much easier to maintain optimal oral hygiene, allowing you to keep your mouth healthy and clean.


If you want to know more information on orthodontic treatment options in Toronto, contact our office at York Mills Orthodontics. We’ll reserve a consultation appointment to explore your orthodontic solutions and the best options for you!

– Dr. Morrow


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