Advantages of Invisalign

Patients look for a confident and beautiful smile with straight teeth and a healthy bite. These results can be achieved through Invisalign clear aligner solutions. Let’s understand why Invisalign aligners are used by more than 5 million people around the world!

Less Treatment Duration:
With Invisalign treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist every six to twelve weeks. Treatment time can be as little as 3-6 months. However duration varies, and depends on the treatment plan.

Live Life to the Fullest:
You can enjoy life without any restrictions when under Invisalign treatment. The aligners are removable, so if you want to eat your favourite treat or participate in an active sport – you can do that special something that you like by simply removing the aligners from your mouth.

Easy Cleaning:
The Invisalign aligners can be easily cleaned with a tooth brush and/or a cleaning solution that allows you to keep your aligners odour-free and hygienic. Brushing and flossing can be done conveniently too with Invisalign. Just remove the aligners before cleaning your teeth.

The Proprietary SmartTrack material of Invisalign makes it perfect for more predictable, controlled tooth movements to achieve a perfect smile and straight teeth.

No Injuries:
Invisalign are clear aligners. No metal or wires can be seen on your teeth, which means injuries are less likely to happen.

Here at York Mills Orthodontics, we want you to know all of your options when it comes to orthodontic treatment. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of Invisalign, you can contact us at our office in Toronto, Ontario.

-The York Mills Orthodontics Team

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